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Content Management in Affiliate Marketing

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by Sir Timan
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Affiliate marketing has to do a lot with content management. Keep adding the latest product news to your website in a bid to provide the visitor with the latest information about the product in terms of the materials or ingredients used in its preparation, its price and the like. Provide sufficient information about the various designs and styles of the product, price comparison and reviews too. Inclusion of customer reviews as part of your website content is a very good idea to attract more visitors to your site.

Customer reviews are looked upon as valid sources of actual information about the product. They throw sufficient light on the usability of the product. Visitors depend a lot on the customer reviews before deciding to buy or test a product. Therefore do your best to provide them with the latest news about the product.

As an aspiring affiliate marketer you will do well to write product reviews yourself. If you feel you are not good in writing, then you can outsource the job with the help of service providers. There are many freelancing sites across the Internet that will be of immense help to you in this regard. All you have to do is register with one of them and make a request to a service provider to complete the job of writing good and legible product reviews for your website.

Neatly written product reviews generally evoke a grand response from buyers and visitors. Most sales across the Internet happen largely by virtue of well-written product reviews. Make sure the content of your website is update. Visitors check every aspect of a website. They cease to visit if they find websites not regularly updated and untidy. To keep your website tidy should be your primary goal if you are to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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How to Generate More Affiliate Sales by Changing These 7 Web Design Elements

Posted on: December 10th, 2011 by Sir Timan
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If you are an affiliate marketer, you should already know that building your own affiliate website is important for your affiliate promotion. But, most affiliate websites don’t convert well. How to make your website more effective in converting visitors into buyers and bring more affiliate sales? Here are 7 web design elements that bring more affiliate sales:

1. Content that is preselling

It is very important to have strong content that is actively preselling your readers. Content is the part of your website design because no website can survive without content. However, you need not just a regular content; you need content that is preselling. Preselling content is content that stimulate your readers to buy anything that you recommend them.

2. Overall design that is clean and comfortable

Keep in mind that you must design your affiliate website as clean as possible. Overall design of your affiliate website must be clean and comfortable for your readers to stay on your website for a long time. If you can’t provide good environment for your website design, you will not be able to win their attention. Furthermore, web design that is clean and comfortable will bring more affiliate sales because it gives your website good credibility.

3. Above the fold banner

If you promote one affiliate product in your website, make it clear that you promote this product when your readers come to visit your website. Therefore, place your affiliate banner above the fold so that your readers won’t need to scroll the page to find your recommended solution. This banner should exist in every page in your affiliate website.

4. Graphics that support the content

Your content should be interesting enough to read in order to attract the interest of your visitors to buy your affiliate product. Therefore, it is important for you to place graphics that support your content in order to illustrate your point better. In this way, not only you have a good preselling content, you will also have interesting content to read.

5. Opt-in box on the top right

Keep in mind that once your readers leave your website, they may not remember anything about your website. That’s why you need to ask your readers, especially first time readers, to subscribe on your list. It is important to place opt-in box on the top right of your website. You will use this to send follow-up emails or updates. Make sure to entice them with interesting free download.

6. Call to action in bold font and nice color

Your call to action, which encourages your readers to buy your affiliate product, should be clear and concise so that your readers can see it easily. Create your call to action in bold font and give it a nice color. Make sure that it is different than the rest of your content.

7. Plain and simple HTML and CSS

Use plain and simple HTML and CSS for your website instead of complicated JavaScript.

Those are 7 web design elements that will bring more affiliate sales. If you incorporate those 7 elements into your simple affiliate website, it will help you to convert more of your visitors into buyers.

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